Yoichi Yamazaki was born in Japan March 6, 1979. He graduated from Shonan high school. He received B. E degree in Mechanics Engineering from TUS, the Tokyo University of Science in 2004. At TUS he was a student at Kobayashi laboratory. He had been enrolled in Tokyo Tech, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he has gotten a Dr.Eng. degree at Hirota laboratory. In 2009, He joined Kanto Gakuin University, and joined Kanagawa Institute of Technology in 2013. Currently, he is Associate Professor of Department of Home Electronics at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, where he is mainly involved in the research fields of communication robotics, home electornic system, mentality expression, and human-robot iteraction. yama
Affiliation & Contact Address
Associate Professor of Kanagawa Institute of Technology
1030 Shomo-ogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa 243-0292, Japan

Research Interest
Communication robotics, mentality expression, doll, character, computational intelligence


2010 the winner of the East Japan JJ Championship 2010
2009 IWACIII2009 Excellent Presentation Award
2009 IWACIII2009 Recognition Award
2009 the winner of the BORDERLESS CUP 2009
2007 the winner of the DUMAU KIMONOS BJJ INTERNATIONAL CUP 2007
2002 Letter winner of All Tokyo inter university second division team competition
2001, 2002 Win the cup two times in All Japan inter science and engineering university tournaments
2001 The Award of Pres. Tokyo University of Science

Hobby & qualification
Black Belt at the forth rank of Judo
Purple Belt of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Amateur radio operator
Doll, Puppet


Dept. of Home Electronics, Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kanagawa Institute of Technology