Eye robot and its communication
What motions are interpreted as expressive by human? The eye robot which has only eyes uncovers a secret of human communication mechanism.
keyword: eye robot, mentality expression, pleasure-arousal plane

Mascot robot system and its casual assistance
Networked robotic environments based on RT Middleware are constructed for human life support, where eye robots and sensors are arranged, and assist human with casual way. The R&D is collaborated on with the Hirota Lab, Tokyo Tech.
Keyword: network intelligence, mascot robot system, casual communication

Robotic expressive elements "AHOGE"
What expression is suitable for robots? Antenna Hair-type Object for Generating Empathy (AHOGE) is proposed as a familiarity expressive element for helping existing Robot Technology(RT) and IT system, where AHOGE expresses mentality motions based on posture element on nonverbal communications, and then encourages close communication between human.
Keyword: nonverbal communication, posture

Casual communication by dolls and characters
Appearances are important for communication robots. The robotic communicational technologies are applied dolls and deformed characters
Keyword: nonverbal communication, loveliness, cognition, affection

Dept. of Home Electronics, Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kanagawa Institute of Technology