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News from the Communication Robotics Laboratory (Yamazaki Lab.), Dept. of Home Electronics, Kanagawa Institute of Technology.

Communication robotics laboratory

As robots act as interfaces for AI and IoT systems, their behavior will require ‘communication standards’ similar to those of the Internet.

The Communication Robotics Lab. (Yamazaki Lab.) of the Dept. of Home Electronics at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology is researching and developing “communication standards” for robot behavior through the development of robot systems that focus on nonverbal expression technology. We are also applying robot technology to the development of casual information transmission technology that does not use words.


From Smart House to Smile House

The Communication Robotics Laboratory researches and systematizes non-verbal and psychological expression techniques necessary for robot communication. Our goal is to realize a life full of smiles by having robots in a smart house casually convey information with emotion.
Casual Robot Rxpression

We develop robotic technologies that casually assist people while expressing individuality and emotion.

Understanding and Controlling the Human Atmosphere with Smart Robots

Quantify the human atmosphere, including ambiguity, to realize a "perceptive and considerate robot" that can coexist with humans.

Elderly Care Robot to Cure Frailty

We are developing a robot that supports a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, through robot-assisted conversation and exercise.

AR and VR beyond barriers

Develop AR and VR technologies that augment the human body and capabilities.


Our Team.

Come on! Delightful friends of YamaLab.!
Yoichi Yamazak

Associate Professor
Dept. of Home Electronics

Kazuaki Takeuchi

  OryLab Inc.
R&D of Avatar robot

Takashi Kanetsuna
Ikki Tanaka
Taiga Nakayama
Genki Hashiba

yamalab in detail

What can you do in YamaLab?

Society 5.0

The Communication Robotics Laboratory is working on the development of robot technology to realize the super-smart society, Society 5.0 that Japan is striving for.


To a Things-Driven Service

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more ubiquitous, there will be a shift from services that have primarily been used by people (user-driven service) to services that are “things-driven” by the things around us (things-driven service).


Develop human resources capable of creating services from technology

The engineers needed in a Society 5.0 society are those who can create familiar services using fundamental technologies such as IoT, AI, and robotics. The Communication Robotics Laboratory trains human resources to realize a Society 5.0.


Smile Robot & Smile House

“We just ask the robot to do whatever we want.”

We are developing technologies to realize such a lifestyle. We are realizing a Smile House where people can live comfortably through robots by combining HEMS, which controls smart houses, Echonet Lite connection technology, and communication robots.


Our Blog

It is generally a man who writes what is called a Blog, but now a robot will see what he/she can do.





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